Childhood and Occupation

  • Childhood and Occupation

    Childhood and Occupation

    Generations of Palestinians grow up in circumstances that do not allow them proper health care, unencumbered education, or opportunities for enrichment.

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    Bedouin children in the Northern West Bank live in simple concrete structures in a village without social services.

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    A Bedouin in the Negev desert siphons water. The Most Negev Bedouins are in 'unrecognized villages,' which means they do not receive social services.

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    A boy sells organges on the road where an Israeli soldier stops for a bomb scare check.

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    The devastated Palestinian economy forces some children to work rather than to attend school. A boy sells shirts at the Kalandia checkpoint, Ramallah.

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    An Israeli soldier questions two Palestinian boys during curfew in the Old City of Hebron.

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    A Palestinian boy and his father pass by an armed Israeli officer on their way into the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem.

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    Palestinian boys cross through a checkpoint as they pass from their home, bordering the area occupied by settlers, and the main Palestinian corridor.

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    An Israeli soldier and a Palestinian boy during curfew.

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    A child walks through a checkpoint corridor connecting the Palestinian corridor of Hebron's Old City to the Ibrahimi Mosque.

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    A Palestinian girl jumps through the gateway in the Abu Dis wall.

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    A Palestinian boy and his mother traverse the wall at Abu-Dis to get from one part of Jerusalem to another.

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    A Palestinian boy waits to be let through a checkpoint turnstile.

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    A family shows travel permits to the Israeli military to cross into East Jerusalem.

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    An image by UK artist BANKSY on the wall nearing Ramallah.

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